Disclaimer: All weather data is provided on an as is basis. Check time stamps for data and images to make sure you are seeing current conditions.
Status: Weather Data is UP (12/19/12)
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Updated Sun Jan 6: Add your Jan 5 2008 storm pics or video to this [WWW]PikiWiki page ... (open page, click on Edit).

NOAA/NWS/NRL Satellite and Radar Imagery

ATTN: CW4253 is Bear Valley. Always check time stamp, note Zulu/UTC time is 8 hours ahead of PST (F5 key ensures latest image):
GOES IR West Sat Image
GOES WaterVapor West Sat Image
Sierra Nevada Visible Sat (NRL)
Eastern Pac Water Vapor (NRL)
Eastern Pac IR/WV/LowCloud (NRL)

Live Weather Data from Bear Valley

[WWW]Real Time weather data updated every 3 seconds from a Davis Vantage Pro2 weather station, located on Quaking Aspen Road, Bear Valley. Click on the Webcam button to see the snow gauge. Note: The rain gauge is accurate only above freezing temps and that melting snow (in the rain bucket) will show up as rainfall. For snowfall, check out the snow gauge on Webcams, which has a red line for every foot. The 10' mark is at the top of the '10' and the other depths are just below their numbers.
NOTE: for Bear Valley residents, note that the above Real Time weather page gives you three temperature indications from three separate temperature sensors:
[WWW]Weather Pages Updated every ten minutes automatically. Here you can find all the details you want about current weather conditions including forecast, radar images, and detailed weather data from the Davis Vantage Pro2 weather station. The weather station is also feeding live data into NOAA's Mesonet network. You can also find NOAA reporting this weather station at [WWW]Bear Valley CW4253 NOAAand if you look in the Bear Valley vicinity of this [WWW]NOAA surface observation map you'll find the Bear Valley weather station there as well.

[WWW]Weather Forecast Point forecast from NOAA

[WWW]Bear Valley Ski Resort hourly conditions as reported from weather instruments on the Mountain at Bear Valley Ski Resort. Useful for snowfall rate in the winter, though data updated hourly, at best... it's not unusual for this to be down for days at a time, esp during the winter when it's useful. Check [WWW]here for a great page on about their weather instrumentation.

Ebbetts Pass (Hwy 4) 8700' elevation weather [WWW]weather
Snow Depth at [WWW]Bloods Creek.

[WWW]Caltrans Hwy 4 Conditions Check here before heading up Highway 4.

Weather Data from NOAA, NWS, misc

[WWW]Wunderground weather... real time data coming from this Bear Valley Wiki weather station.
[WWW] 0-3 days out most accurate forecast of snow vs rain ... see other snow-forecast links below
Official NWS Forecast for [WWW]Bear Valley. More pinpointed forecast than in Detailed Weather Data link up above.
[WWW]Intellicast radar analysis. Integrates snow level vs precip... take a look.
[WWW]Sierra Avalanche Center report, from Truckee Ranger Station.
[WWW]Short term and current conditions from Sacramento office.
[WWW]24 hr Jetstream forecast. Useful to see if it's a warm or cold storm.

Satellite Goodies: New NOAA Ridge Radar snaps (really improved graphics): Current graphics for NOAA national [WWW]precipitation forecast and [WWW]fronts/baro pressure.

Probability of SNOW > 4" in next [WWW]24 hours and in next [WWW]48 hours.

[WWW]Sierra Crest (near Lake Tahoe) at 8700 feet, hourly weather data.
[WWW]Squaw Valley (High Camp) at 8200 Ft, hourly weather data.
[WWW]Reno Atmosphere wx data vs altitude, find altitude of freezing temps. Click Text for easier reading.

Forecast [WWW]discussion from NOAA forecasters in NWS Sacramento. The site is now usually more accurate (for snow levels/amount) than the NWS itself.
Forecast [WWW]discussion from NOAA NWS Reno, NV
Forecast [WWW]discussion from NOAA NWS San Francisco

[WWW]Climate Prediction Center from NOAA - National Weather Service - Long range forecasts

[WWW]Forecast from and [WWW]Snowfall forecast from same. Hit the play button to see the rollout of snow events from today to 3 days from now. The site used to have a red dot for Bear Valley but seem to have lost it, again.


Weather in Saratoga: [WWW] (add your city here)
Another Saratoga weather site: [WWW]Saratoga
Want to learn more about weather... here is one of the [WWW]best web sites on all things weather.

NRL satellite images courtesy of [WWW]Naval Research Lab in Monterey, CA. For more images and edu-info, see [WWW]satellite meteorology.


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